Throughout my time living alone and with fellow students who have different tastes than I do, I have learned a great deal about the importance of decor in many aspects of life. In my first year at university I was placed in an on-campus dormitory with someone who I had not known before move-in day, and as we unpacked and made our dorm room tidy, I noticed how her decorations were much different than mine. They required a lot of hands-on work to create and set up whereas my decor was already made and ready to be plugged in or used. We got to build a lamp, chair, and shelf set from delicate, intricate pieces, and my lamp, chair and shelf were purchased without needing to put in the labor. It was an excellent bonding experience, especially since that was our first time meeting, and I would have never imagined dorm room decor would strengthen our friendship for the long school year ahead of us. In addition, I am a member coordinator for my campus-sponsored organization, and part of my role is to plan and execute any social events for all club members. On top of all extensive planning for venue, time and dates, we spent a great deal of time planning our first event of the year, which was a Winter Social. We were given a budget and a short amount of time to set up the venue on campus, and by putting all five heads together, we were successful in our attempt to purchase everything we needed to decorate the room for the social.  Purchasing the decor was more than just narrowing down the options; we had to be careful to practice inclusion in our decisions so no one feels excluded, forgotten, or offended at the event. In our given thirty-minute time span to decorate, we had to act fast when an issue arose: half of the tablecloths that had displayed “Merry Christmas.” Knowing we were hosting a “Winter Social” not a “Christmas Party,” the team collectively decided to alter the decorations in a manner that would decorate the tables entirely, while using the things we had already purchased. The social was a success due to the teamwork put into the issue to bring about a solution. All in all, the importance of decor matters in life is to bring people together in an awkward or sticky situation, or maybe just to bring people together in general. For something that seems trivial to most, decor holds more usefulness and gravity than rings true, and it displays, literally, the work of many people putting creativity and brain power together to construct something beautiful.

Decor is the most important thing that gives character to any home. This is the truth based on my viewing of HGTV‘s various home improvement shows. A room can be completely transformed just by decor alone. Whether it be a country ranch feel or modern the sculptures, rugs, and various knick knacks tie in the character of the home. A simple rug can be a huge statement piece in a home depending on its pattern (I got mine from If you want to draw the attentions to the floors of the house then an area rug with a simple pattern is a great way to do so. It is interesting to watch these home improvement shows and see the before and after. Before decor is added the rooms seem literally empty and lifeless, but even just a pop of color with a nice painting makes the room enticing. In my opinion the thing that brings a room to life is plants. Plants make the room feel alive since it is actually a living thing. The various colors of green plants and different color flowers makes whoever steps into that room feel a bit happier. Staging a home in the perfect way makes for a marketable house, even when the actual structure of the rooms may not be that great.