Decoration is the act of making something look more attractive by putting things on it or around it. There are different types buildings and decorations are very important in them. These buildings include offices, schools and hospitals. Decorations include rugs, drapes, flower vases, wallpapers, and floormats. Decoration matters because, it beautifies our buildings, and environment. It gives meaning to a building, and it tells people what is going on in their surroundings. It is also used for protection. Decorations tend to bring the room together in a special way.


Decorations make buildings, and our surroundings beautiful and attractive. Beautiful places help attract a lot of people. Beautiful hotels attract people because of the type of decorations that are used in their buildings. These decorations help hotels get a lot of customers and money. Decorations helps homes to look luxurious. Some people have dreams of making their houses look like rich homes. These dreams can be achieved by using very nice decorations. Decorations do not have to be expensive to add beauty to your home. One just has to have a good taste in interior home design.

Decorations give meanings to buildings, and tell people what is going on in their surroundings.  Antique give meanings to buildings. They are decorations that have stories behind their reason of existence. Antiques are old, unique, and have ancestral value. Antiques add value to buildings. Decorations tell people what is going on in their surroundings. Events like parties, weddings, housewarming, and birthdays are known by their decorations. It is easier for people to know what is going just by the messages the decorations pass. Decorations are also important in celebrating festivities like Christmas and new year. Decorations have a way of making Christmas and new year more fun and enjoyable.

Decorations are also used for protection. Rugs are decorations that are used on the floors to make a house more attractive. Rugs also make the floor warm and protect us from cold. They also make the floor firm, unlike tiled floors, rugs don’t get slippery. Rugs protect people from falling especially children. Curtain are used to cover the windows. They prevent the sun from coming to our faces, and keep the room warm. Curtains also prevent people from peeping in other people’s houses. It gives people privacy of their homes.

Decorations may be expensive, but they are used for beautification, addition of value and protection. Some people do not know the importance of decorations, and consider it a waste of money. Decorations are important and people should learn to appreciate that importance and beauty.