Well, I am not very good at writing essays so I will just share a story with you about me and my personality with Décor. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I am 46 years old, a grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren, and entering back into the college atmosphere again. I want to open my own little ‘Mom & Pop’ store, so I have decided to take some Business courses and go after a Business Degree/Certificate.

I was a single mom of three all through my 20’s and 30’s. I lived on my own and each time I moved I decorated my residence different, giving each one its own personality. My very first condo I decorated in the black and white cow. Funny to think of it now, but it was very popular back then. Using the simple colors of Black and White was easy. After a couple of years, though, I got really tired of receiving gifts that only consisted of black and white cows. I was happy to move and change the theme. I went with Animal Print themes for the next place I lived. It was beautiful. It all started with a huge picture I purchased from a Home Decorating Company. I really enjoyed having my home look like a jungle in one room, and a forest in another. It was relaxing and comfortable while I was working full time, attending college and of course being a single ‘soccer’ mom. My third place was a small apartment and I was not ready to give up my pool table so I planted it right in the center of my living room and decorated my home with orange fairy lights out lining the ceilings and pictures of all the greats like Elvis Presley and BB King. I hung I flat screen TV in one corner of the living room and placed a little love seat couch opposite and on the other side of the pool table and my minimalist living room plant.


When you walked in, it was an ambiance of comfort and make yourself at home. My home now is rather simple. It’s very homey with pillows and comfy chairs. Live plants everywhere and coffee ready to go. The entire house has sayings all over with humor scattered here and there. The kitchen has a big plaque on the wall when you walk in that says ‘Kitchen’. Each room is labeled in that sort of humorous manner. But there are other sayings hung or painted on the walls, propped up on their own stands or even a casual book laying around. Saying things like the Serenity Prayer, ‘Instant Human Just Add Coffee’, ‘A Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You’, ‘Chocolate Causes Clothes To Shrink’, etc.  Each room has its own theme as well.  Having chosen what looks to be white chocolate, dark chocolate, and red velvet cake, we call the Living Room our chocolate room because of the contrasting colors I painted it.  I have finally let my inner child out with my bedroom which I call the fairy room with its purple and lime green walls, fairy’s, dragons, wizards and castles everywhere. The bathroom is butterflies, the kitchen is made to look like an old witches kitchen,  my roommates room a forest.

To me, the feeling of being comfortable in my own home is the most important thing to achieve. My home is my oasis, my island away from the world yet a place to bring friends and family together. Now it will also become, yet again, a place for me to study and sharpen my business skills. So it is important for me to feel at ease with no other worries. I love how I decorated my home with these quirky sayings and fantasy decorations. When people walk in my home for the first time, they feel comfortable enough to take off their shoes and have a cup of coffee. There is no better feeling.